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ver 2.2について

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・iPad Pro 12inch 4th
・iPad Pro 11inch 2nd
・iPhone SE(2020)

○macOS CatalinaのFinderでUSDZファイルをコピーした時に、アプリを起動した時にObjectsフォルダに移動するようになった。


additional function
○The following models have been added to the list of models that can record movies.
iPad Pro 12inch 4th
iPad Pro 11inch 2nd
iPhone SE(2020)
※Movie recording may not be possible due to circumstances such as many objects.

○ People Occlusion (it's a trade-off with shadows)
○ When the USDZ file is copied by Finder on macOS Catalina, it is moved to the Objects folder when the application is started.

specification change
○ When the grid display is off, the floor surface is not changed.Fine adjustment of up and down movement is possible.
○ The resolution when capturing a single image as a photo is different depending on the device.


Cannot display wireframes of MAN, WOMAN and KID.
I can't display the distance at the moment of placing the object (because I can't get the exact number?) )
There are many failures in the first movie recording. I've made it stop automatically when there's an error, and I think it's relatively stable after the second time, but it depends on the number of objects, complexity, and the performance and state of the model.